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Author Topic: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry  (Read 10297 times)


I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:11:41 AM »

RhythM_of_RaiN :-
What Lasts 4ever,
Become that Bond which will be my partner of ages,
I will become love filled heart
You become beat of that heart
I will become Lover, You become My Beloved.

Radhika :-
Whenever I Look, I see just YOU,
May your Image settle in My Eyes .
May I become your face
You become My Mirror.
I will become your Princess, You Become My King.
I will become Rose, You become My Garden.
I will become Morning, You become My Sunrise.

RhythM_of_RaiN :
Let us merge 2gether in each other,
Come now
I will become your Breath Sweetheart,
You become My Life
I will become Poet, You become My Poetry.
I will become SKY, You become My MooN.
I will become Soul, You become My Soul mate.

Radhika :-
You are a Garden Flower, A Spring Bud, Upon My Lips, Write the story of Love
I Love YOU Today & I will Love u 4ever.

RhythM_of_RaiN :-
You are da Laungage of Love, Da Speech of Beauty, You are da Most important thing 2 me Darling, You are My Life
Your Love & Tenderness Makes me da Luckiest Person in da world

Da King of Hearts AakasH/QueeN of Butterfly "Radhika" Joint PresentatioN

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ShayarFamily--> Shayaro Ki Mehfil

I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:11:41 AM »


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2010, 02:13:05 AM »
I am writing you this poem because
There are so many things that I haven’t said
I just don’t know how to tell you
But the words keep floating through my head.
My whole life is a mess right now
All I can think about is you
I don’t sleep, I don’t eat anymore
And I discovered feelings that are so new.
I want to hear your voice
Every minute of the day
I just don’t have the guts to call you
Afraid of what you might say.
Maybe you don’t feel the same
Or maybe you do
I am just scared to tell my feelings
Even if it is to you.
I wish I knew how to tell you
I really want to say:
I love you with all of my heart Forever
Let me call you Sweetheart, Because you'll always be,
The Dearest and the Sweetest one, In all the world to me,
Because I'll always love you, More than you could ever guess,
Because you are my everything, My world, my happiness.


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2010, 02:14:17 AM »
I want to write a poem
Not just any poem But a Poem about YOU
A Poem that says what I feel inside
Everytime you look at me with those Beautiful Eyes
You're what I've been looking for
Never found till then
It is so wonderful to I have you & you have me
Your soul & My soul
My Heart & U're Heart
They all go so perfectly like da stars in da Night SKY
2gether 4ever Best Friend For Life
Lovers till da end, Soul mates for all time
Loneliness is biting me and my pulse is increasing
I don’t find peace for a moment
Come closer 2 me that’s my request


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2010, 02:15:20 AM »
Darling every time I look in you eyes
I find happiness deep inside my mind
You’re my heart my soul
We are the best pair of life
We are special flower in this earth
I found an angel in you
You are the one I was waiting
Till we meet we never knew what would happen
When I meet you I saw heaven in you
Like the sunshine loves brightness
Like the flowers love rain
I love you my darling
I want to touch your heart and soul
I will always love you whole my life


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2010, 02:18:04 AM »
Princess Nandini & RhythM PresentatioN :
PoeM Title : My Heart is U’rz

RhythM_of_RaiN :
How Beautiful you are, you look very lovely
My Heart is u’rz, My Soul is inside YOU

Nandini :
I Get Afraid on you from Loving you so much

RhythM_of_RaiN :
You are far from my eyes but still I can see you
If you felt pain, I feel it too

Nandini :
If you felt Happy or Sad, You will find me feeling you

RhythM_of_RaiN :
My Heart was without a place, Beside you my love feels secure

Nandini :
Living on your LOVE & Believing in you
Always with my passion waiting 4 you
Whatever My Journey gets long with you
All the years my love is for your sake

RhythM_of_RaiN :
I Don’t care as long as I am with you
What’s important is to be watched in your Eyes

Nandini :
Every dream of my life now seems true
On a dark desert day in a Land far away
You took my heart & that’s the price I pay
Just Remember the Promise that we made

Nandini :
How long will you love me

RhythM_of_RaiN :
As long as there is breath in my chest

Nandini :
How long will I remain on your mind

RhythM_of_RaiN :
As long as the sun remains in the blue sky

RhythM_of_RaiN :
You're happy finding me aren't you, getting me?

Nandini :
Today my thirsty heart found its ocean

RhythM_of_RaiN :
Do you have another wish in your heart, another wish?

Nandini :
In every life you are to be mine alone


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2010, 02:19:40 AM »
RhythM_of_RaiN :

I never asked For a blessing like you.
Like I've spoken to God & my wishes came true.
I truly love you, this I know,
And what we have... continues to grow.
Every day we share is great
To see you again, I can hardly wait!
We used to be friends, and it was lots of fun
I sometimes miss those days- a ton!
But, to ever think that you were the one...
The road will be bumpy but true love will see us through.
I write these poems to express how I feel.
I know this we share is something real.
If we ever do part from each other,
I know I will, still, never lose you.
You have stayed by me in really hard times,
I'll never thank you enough,
You know some days are still really rough.
I will always be here, if you just need a friend,
Your heart will never be blind to you,
this you know is true,
And right now, my heart tells me... I love you!
Radhika :

You know I can't smile without you
I can't laugh and I can't sing
I'm finding it hard to do anything
You see I feel sad when you're sad
I feel glad when you're glad
If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you
Thank You For Loving Me
Honey I will Love You Now and Forever


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2010, 02:22:42 AM »
Happy Wishes To You
Sending you Happy Wishes today
To show you that I care,
You are thought about and prayed for,
Much, much, more than I can share.

I'm happy today that I can send
Love and prayers to my wonderful darling,
Not just today, do I wish you God's best,
May every day you'll feel warm and blessed.

For Sweetheart like you are very rare
I thank my God, you are so dear,
You are so thoughtful with a loving heart,
I wish for you, all your dreams come true,
And it will last a whole life time through.

I have a warm feeling of love thinking of you today
Oh how I wish we could visit even though you are miles away.

Yes, we are separated by distance
But your e-mails bring you near
Across the miles we share a love/friendship
And you have become most dear.

We are Lover/Best Friends through e-mail only
And your face I do not need to see
I feel your love through the messages
Each time you e-mail me.

You have a wonderful way of writing
Filling my life with sunshine rays
Always bringing joy and inspiration
And love and laughter to my days.

You are a bright spot in my life, dear love,
My prayer is this, God will help us to meet
Filling my heart with happiness as we greet
And our wonderful Love/Friendship will never end.

Princess (4ever Ur'z Radhika)


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #7 on: April 27, 2010, 02:24:55 AM »
RhythM_of_RaiN :-
Come Darling, we will walk, on these high and low roads
In your lovely arms I will get a little lost
Sometimes we will stay awake, sometimes we will then fall asleep

Princess :-
Crossing the line of modesty I have come
Whatever anyone says now, I have fallen in love
If this doesn't happen now, then it will never happen
Come My Lover, let us meet

RhythM_of_RaiN :-
The moon, lamp, flame, all are our companions
The procession of love is not from yesterday, it is from years ago

Princess :-
May there be a lover in your arms
May someone become a companion for your life's path...
This life is a punishment of sorts
But if you're with someone, it affords a bit of pleasure

The land is saying something to the sky
The waves, too, are saying something to the shore
The moonlight is saying something to the moon as well
Everyone is saying something to someone
Voice the matters of your heart; what harm is there in speaking of them?

Living here in utter solitude
What sort of life is this
No companion for your home; what is the point?
In the whole wide world,
This is the most precious thing
RhythM_of_RaiN :-
God knows what kind of love this is
What should I say
It's like this
Sometimes it pains me
Sometimes it gives me peace
The one my days pass in thoughts of,
in memories of her I pass my nights
When it comes time to meet, in gardens
The spring swings through lanes of flowers
A swarm of bees come It flies over flower buds
It wipes from the heart even the fear of autumn
If love becomes shadows over our eyes, then
Some stranger might become my beloved
Walking along the paths of sunlight
My darling become a shadow, shall meet me
Our goal may arrive, or some storm may come instead
It will teach the strong-hearted how to live


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2010, 02:28:06 AM »
After da success of “Ear Ring”
RhythM_of_RaiN & Princess Presents :
“Dedicate to All Romantic Couple/Lovers/Husband & Wife”

Princess :
I Laugh 2 much, See JaaN, There are tears in my eyes

They are not tears but dew drops shining like stars on u’re cheeks
Honey, You are my life itself

Princess :
You are my present & future
My destination will lie at any place you wish

RhythM_of_RaiN :
See Even U’re Anklets know I Love u & How I feel
Anklets, Sweetheart u’re Anklets
Your Anklets Jingle softly, steal my sleep,
Blow my mind, call me 2 u darling,

Princess :
My Anklets sway in Rhythm, Make exotic sounds and call you to me sweetheart

RhythM_of_RaiN :
I dream of you all da times, I’ve u’re name on my Lips
Da days are long & nights are lonely (samjho na kuch to samjho na) LOL

Princess :
How do I render my Hearts desire, I don’t know if it’s day or night
Our Breaths are as one

RhythM_of_RaiN :
Da Jingling of Your Bangles is in every Beat of My Heart

Princess :
Yup ! My Bangles sway in Rhythm, Make exotic sounds and call you to me sweetheart
My Bindi Bear u’re Name, It’s in u’re arms that I want to spend my lovely evenings and mornings

RhythM_of_RaiN :
I wish I were u’re Bindiya & steal u’re Beauty


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #9 on: April 27, 2010, 02:29:31 AM »
I seat back in My Loneliness & I wonder If we would ever be 2gether

I Listen to da Bird sing melodies of Love & Joy.


I am here wondering If you think of me

I Look around me hoping I could see u're smile

I seat here in da Dark room waiting for you to come


Light up My Life with your LOVE

Is your Love who makes me strong everyday

Is your smile that brings joy to My Soul


I still wonder are u there at all

Then, I Listen to u're voice that tells me



Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #10 on: April 27, 2010, 02:31:06 AM »
RhythM_of_RaiN :
You are my heart's happiness, My heart's thirst
Sweetheart, You are my breath in my body
That which was left within me, you are that love
Without You, My Love, I will die. Come 2 Me Sweetheart

Radhika :
The world hasn't been made again, the earth is fragrant becoz of you
I wasn't like this before, I am beautiful becoz of you
In my life, you are the Blessing from the SKY
We were lost for centuries, now we have received life

RhythM_of_RaiN :
Wish of my heart will fulfill with your presence
Without you, My Honey Bee, Life is incomplete.
The dew has written our name on the flowers.
O Life of Mine, Now don't go anywhere.

Radhika :
By knowing this dear, I had hold your hands
That we have to bear everybody's glance filled with thorns.

RhythM_of_RaiN :
We will bear everything and we will laugh.
You are mine, so this season is slave of us now.
Listen, the wind is singing this song.
Come 2 Me, O My Soul Mate

Radhika :
I had to come, Darling, The affection of heart is very unfair.
After all, these are the same colors
At every moment there is the same season (as before)
But now my entire world seems like you


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #11 on: April 27, 2010, 02:34:17 AM »
Princess : Hey AakasH,
Such Poems, I’ve Never read before My Darling, decided to Name you as My Fav. King of Hearts

RhythM_of_RaiN :
Nobody has called me by that Name Ever Before
This is My Blessing that My Lover Laughingly with Love Named Me King of Hearts

At First Sight YOU Stole My Heart
In front of the whole world, I’ve made YOU Mine

I can’t write POEM without Seeing YOU
I am constantly longing 4 U

Da LOVE 4 U is always in My Heart
Da scent of u’re Body has become part of My Breath

Life’s Every Moment is U’rz
I’ve willed My Every Heartbeat on u’re Name

I Know, Somebody else’s memories are resting in u’re Heart
That Wedding Night is more than just 2 Bodies resting 2gether
Till I arouse those intimate feelings 4 me
I will NOT Touch YOU

Just keep u’re Hand in My Hand
Bless Me, I am Gonna RocK Da World
Just see, How I will LAY all da Joys of da WORLD at u’re FEET
When you hold me in u’re Arms,
My Heart’s Every Desire is Fulfilled.

U’re My First & Last Love
I’ve Never Loved Anyone Before U & Neither will I Love After YOU
You are My Desire
We will Never be Apart My Guardian ANGEL


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #12 on: April 27, 2010, 02:59:07 AM »
JaaN, I am the QueeN of YouR DreamS and You are the KinG of My DreamS...together in Reality We Are the RulerS of the World Of Love..

I woke up one night in the hours of darkness,
I sat up straight in my bed to find a
shimmering light in my closet,
But their where no lights on in the room,
I got up and went slowly toward the closet,
To find a pair of gold wings,
An angel was standing by my side,
What do I do with these gold wings?
I asked the angel
Put the wings on my child. Answered the angel
I put the wings on flew to a place that had many stars,
The angel then appeared and said,
Follow your heart, your goals and your dreams.
Only you know what is right for you
Anything is possible
Miracles do come true,
Hope and dreams are a reality if you let them be,
Life can be wonderful if you let it be,
The world is at your feet
Therefore, there is no time waste,
Start flying to the stars,
The bright star in the sky created especially for you,
Therefore, there is no time to lose go find your bright star,
When you find it, open the magic door
Out will come gifts,
Waiting for you to explore,
So believe in your dreams
If you have dreamt of love
Believe in it
It will come true if you believe it to be true
Follow your heart
Your world can be a happier place as long as you believe.
I do believe in my dreams of you
I do believe that our love is truly a miracle
I'll be there JaaN, The strength of our love
Will turn our dreams into REALITY
Your Love Forever AakasH


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #13 on: April 27, 2010, 03:00:51 AM »
Hey Darling!
When I was a baby,
Love meant my mother taking care of me.
When I was a toddler,
Love meant my father buying toys for me.
When I was still a kid,
Love meant my friends baking cookies for me.
When I was pre-teen,
Love meant the thing that happened in fairy tales.
When I was a bit older,
Love meant a waste of time that had no value.
When I was still a teen,
Love meant heartbreak that would scar forever.
But when then one day I realized, All of that Changed
I became a woman and from then on Love meant YOU
Princess Nandini....

Oh Sweet Surrender!
I have handed my heart over to you
I have given you my all,
Please don't take it and leave
Or I might just break and fall.
You are my might &
You are my will
Keep me close
On your hearts window sill.
I have surrendered but
Just one plea
Please don't go away
And abandon me.
I am a faithful lover
This I promise my dear
Nothing will stand between us
That is perfectly clear.
I Love You, I Love You
Yes it's True
I have indeed surrendered Myself to You!!!


Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #14 on: April 27, 2010, 03:02:08 AM »
Hi JaaN !! I Love You Baby !
As a child I have wish for love
As a Lover I have found True love,
I would walk outside and look for that Special star,
But there was no star that would shine
Sometimes I would take an walk
To hear the sounds of the children and see the sunset rise,
But again I have felt no happiness,
But than you came into my life,
Its funny how we all look for things
And not realize the things we search for
Is not so far away,
You are my special star that shines so bright,
You are the echoes of the ocean
I have been searching for
You are my sunrise I have been looking for the true love
And happiness I needed in my life
And for this I say thank you...

Sweetheart ! I have been through many messes in this life of mine,
Will you help me forget it all and make me shine?

Seasons have gone by and I still have the feeling of pain,
Will you make it vanish and make it all drain?

A perpetual darkness once covered up my soul,
Will you strive to lighten me up and make me whole?

Sorrow and listlessness has overwhelmed my mind,
Will you help me leave it all behind?

I want to start anew and take a new course on life,
Will you stand by me and take me as your wife?


ShayarFamily--> Shayaro Ki Mehfil

Re: I will Become Poet, You Become My Poetry
« Reply #14 on: April 27, 2010, 03:02:08 AM »



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