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Author Topic: 3 quetsions..!  (Read 533 times)


3 quetsions..!
« on: June 04, 2011, 01:17:44 PM »
                                          three questions

There was a young man who went overseas to study for quite a long time when he return he asked his parents to find him a religious scholar or any expert who could answer his 3 questions.Finally , his parents were able to find a muslim scholar.

Young Man: who r u? can u answer my questions?
Scholar: Im one of ALLAH's slaves and insha ALLAH (GOD WILLING), I will be able to answer u your questions
Young Man : r u sure? aAlot of professors and expert were not able to asnwer my quetsions
Scholar: I will try my best with the help ALLAH

Young Man Says:
I have 3 Questions:

Question 1: Does God Exist? If so, show me his shape.

Question 2: What is Taqdeer ( Fate)?

Question 3: If Shetan (devil\Satan) was created from the fire, why at the end he will be thrown to hell that is also created from Fire. It certainly will not hurt him at all, since Shetan and Hell were created form Fire.

Did God Think of this far ?:

Suddenly, the Scholar slapped the young man's face very hard.

the Young man felt pain and asked, "why do u get angry at me?"
Scholar: I am not angry. The slap is my Answer to your questions.
Young Man: I really dont understand.
Scholar: how do u feel after I slapped u?
Young Man: Offcourse, I felt pain.
Scholar: So do u belive that pain exists?
Young Man: yes
Scholar: Show me the shape of the pain.
Young Man : I cannot
Scholar : That is my 1st answer. All of us feel God's existence without being able to see His shape... Last night, did u dream that u will be slapped by me?!
Young Man: No
Scholar: Did you ever think that u will get a slap from me today?
Young Man: No
Scholar: That is Taqdeer(fate), my second answer......my hand that I use to slap u, what it is created from?
Young Man: It is created From Flesh.
Scholar: How about ur face? what it is created from?
Yougn Man: Flesh
Scholar: How do u feel after I slapped u
Young Man: In pain
Scholar: That's it. This is my Third Answer, Even though the Shetan (devil\Satan) and also the Hell were created from the Fire, If ALLAH wants the hell wull become a very painful place from Shetan...!

ALLAH SAID," If u r ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you."

:luv: :rh:  :rh: :luv:

ShayarFamily--> Shayaro Ki Mehfil

3 quetsions..!
« on: June 04, 2011, 01:17:44 PM »


Re: 3 quetsions..!
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Re: 3 quetsions..!
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An Awesome. share..thanks


Re: 3 quetsions..!
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2011, 09:48:31 AM »
Keep Praying.
It'll Come True.
It May Not Be In The Exact
Package You Wanted
It'll Be What ALLAH Thinks is,

ShayarFamily--> Shayaro Ki Mehfil

Re: 3 quetsions..!
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